Devotional Thoughts for Danaha Perunnal, January 6

The Feast of Baptism of our Lord (Epiphany). It is celebrated on – 6th January. The feast is also called denho, in Syriac means ‘manifestation’ or the Feast of Light. So I think it is appropriate to bring our attention to river Jordan and the event of Baptism of our Lord.
This great Mystery Describes
1.    The In-corporal hath become Incarnate
2.    The Word took unto himself the density of flesh.
3.    The Unseen is seen
4.    The Untouchable is touched.
5.    The Beginning less become beginneth
6.     the Son of God becomes the Son of Man
Yes JesusChrist, himself who is the same yesterday, today and unto all ages.
When Thou, O Lord, were baptized in the Jordan, The Worship of the Trinity was made manifest. For the Voice of the Father bore witness unto Thee, calling Thee the Beloved Son, And the Spirit in the Form of a Dove confirmed His word as sure and steadfast. O Christ our God, who has appeared and enlightened the world, Glory to Thee.”
The above quoted hymns are providing the message of this Feast. The Church calls the whole Event of Christ’s incarnation as a Mystery since it is beyond human comprehension and understanding that the God revealed Himself in flesh and took body out of humanity. As the song says, the Unseen became seen, the Untouchable became touchable and the Beginning less became begotten! The eternal God manifested to Human without changing His essence! The Holy Trinity was manifested to the Church at Jordan, Father in Voice, the supreme source of
Creation, Son as Human Person, and the Holy Spirit descended like a dove symbolizing the Creative Power. Thus ‘the Uncreated, Self-existent, Eternal, Adorable and of One-substance’ revealed Himself to the Church on this great Feast. This is why the Church gives all importance to this Feast and calls it as the Feast of Great Manifestation – Epiphany.
Let me conclude the Great wonder and marvel on the River Jordan. “While the Father was calling and the Son was being baptized, the Holy Spirit like a dove flew down and settled on His [Christ’s] head.”




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