Elocution competition at Puthupady Ashram

The first Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios memorial elocution competition is going to be held today at Puthupadi St. Paul’s Ashram with the support of SGOS. The competition is open to the Sunday School students of 8 to 12th class from Malabar and Bathery dioceses this year.  The theme is “Mar Osthathiosinte Mission darshanam”. Rev. Fr. Dr. O.Thomas will be present during the event and will address the audience of the meeting, today evening at 7 PM.  Let us remember the program in our prayers.
As a small step in extending the support to the organizations started by LL. Mar Osthathios, SGOS planned to provide a pair of cloths worth around Rs. 1000 each, to the inmates of the destitute homes on the occasion of the first memorial of Thirumeni. To start with, we had planned to distribute the dresses this year to Puthupady St. Paul’s Balabhavan –the first such institution started by Osthathios thirumeni in the year 1959. But with the help of  benevolent donors, we could arrange a pair of dresses to a total of 95 inmates, covering of  St. Paul’s Balika Bhavan and the old age home, in addition to the St. Paul’s Boys Home, Puthupady. We wish and hope to continue the support in a similar way in the following years, in other institutions founded by Thirumeni.
With prayers,
Saji. M. Idicula, SGOS.



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