360th Anniversary of Historic Koonan Cross Oath

Sharjah:-Malankara Nazaranis in Kerala made a stand against western colonialismon January 3, 1653 through the Koonan Cross Oath in Mattanchery by publicly proclaiming their right to an independent religious life. Photo Gallery All OCYM units in the UAE marked the 360th anniversary of this historic Koonan Cross Oath with a gathering at the zonal level today at the St. Gregorious Orthodox church in Sharjah. The function was inaugurated by the Metropolitan of the Idukki diocese H.G. Mathews Mar Theodosius. In his inaugural address, he mentioned that Christianity’s main aim is the salvation of the entire human race. The Koonan Cross Oath was the greatest spiritual milestone in the history of Christians in Kerala. He exhorted today’s youngsters to emulate their forefathers and fight against all evil forces that seek to undermine Christianity in today’s worldly environment.
The Zonal president, Rev. Fr. T.J. Johnson presided over the function. The Asst. Vicar of the Sharjah parish, Rev. Fr. Yakoob Baby recited the Koonan Cross Oath. In conjunction with the zonal gathering,Quiz competition, Debate, study classesand discussions were held on the doctrine of the Malankara church along with a colourful culturalprogramme. Representatives from all seven churches in the UAE participated in the programme.
The vicar of the Al Ain parish Rev. Fr. Saji Abraham, Dubai St. Thomas Orthodox Cathdral Asst. vicar. Rev. Fr. Biju Daniel, Zonal secretary Mr. Manoj Thomas, member of the sabha managing committee Mr. John Samuel, Parish Secretary Mr. SajiGeevarghese, OCYM unit Vice-president Mr. RanjiRajan, Secretary Mr. VinuThankachen and General Convenor Mr. Sony Rajan were others who spoke at the gathering.
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