Devotional thoughts for the 4th Sunday after New Sunday- 5th May 2013

Today’s reading provides us two subjects for our concentrated thinking and meditation. They are:
1) Manner of Spirit (Verse-35)
2) Follow Master (Verse- 57)
We often forget who we are and what we are or what we must be. If we feel and believe that we are real followers of Lord Jesus, we would definitely care to be real followers in word and deed. We are supposed to give prominence to the will of our Lord God in our everyday lives. A real disciple of our Lord would give priority for the will of God in each and every activity in his or her life. For such a type of life could be defined as Christian way of life. The scientific way of life as advocated by great Scholar, Philosopher, Missionary (Medical) and thinker, (1875-1965) Albert Schweitzer is a way of life without prejudice and pre-thinking. Likewise all Christians must have a Christian way of thinking, where prime importance has to be given to the will of Lord Jesus. We all are sure and certain of this fact, but none of us is willingly submitting ourselves to the will of God. We often like to have our will being done. Such a thing happened here with the blessed Apostles. They were gifted with the Holy Spirit but they thought as if they were not gifted with the Holy Spirit. That is the reason why they asked our Lord to bring down fire from heaven to destroy the village of Samaria. Upon hearing the request of the Apostles, our Lord asked them, What manner of spirit you are of.’ If they were having a mind filled with God, they would not have thought so. That is the reason why our Lord rebuked them.  All the Apostles were so blessed having good mind to follow their Master with faith, obedience and love. So they became successful in their mission and vision.
Our Lord is closely watching our deeds and carefully listening our private and public conversations. He is every now and then asking us ”What manner of spirit you have.” Are we hearing our Lord’s question? Do we respond to the enquiry of Lord Jesus? We all have shared the Holy Spirit. From the very moment, the spirit in us is supposed to grow visibly and invisibly. As we are living in the world, where there are lot of wickedness and evilness, we will have to confess our errors, sins and short comings every now and often. As we are engaged in various deeds, words and thoughts without the real love, we commit sins and goes far away from God. In such conditions, the Holy Spirit in us would be weak. If we will have to grow in spirituality, we will have to keep our minds to grow. The continuous engagement in sacramental life is the only remedy to attain speedy and steady growth.
All Christians around the globe would agree that they are followers of Lord Jesus, the great Master. But how many of us do try to imitate Him or to give prominence to the teachings and instructions of our great Master. Our Master’s teaching is so simple. He wants us to love God and love our brethren. We all might claim that we love God. But how many of us are loving Him sincerely. Let us decide ourselves. Our Lord and Savior taught us that loving God means to obey His commandments. He wants us to be perfect in real love in our word, deed and thought. If not we cannot live in Him and we would be far away from God.
So let us repent well and live in His love.
May God bless us
Jose Kurian Puliyeril, Kottayam.



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