Dr Mar Yulios book on theology, Message of Religions

Kolkata: HG Pullikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan, author of Message of Religions, a book on theology with Asian Religious Resources, will be published on May 15, Wednesday.
Published by PTCA Series 5 (Programme for Theologies and Cultures of Asia) from the Senate of Serampore, Kolkata, the launch will be held at SCEPTRE,  Kolkata as a part of developing Asian Christian study materials in the field of religion and culture.
Dr M T Cherian who has written the foreword is arranging the function on behalf of PTCA and the Senate. Dr Mar Yulios will not be present personally as the Metropolitan begins his month-long US visit. SCEPTRE is the programme centre of the Senate established in 2001 to promote diversified theological education and practice of ministry. Dr Cherian notes that the book is an attempt to study various religions from an ecumenial Christian perspective.
Dr Mar Yulios has taken immense efforts to articulate a theological framework to study and understand the faith traditions of our neighbours with a view to accept and incorporate the good things from them.
The book makes an earnest attempt to present the message of prominent religions to the readership who can acquaint themselves with origin, development, faith patterns, content and promise of various religions. Within this framework a major area is dedicated towards the theology of religions.
Theological framework in Message of Religions comes out of the personal experience of the author in his ecumenical journey. The book will immensely contribute to the theology of religions, Christian faith practice, witness and ministerial enrichment of the church of Christ.



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