Kallooppara St. Thomas OCYM visited Attappadi villages

Kallooppara: St. Thomas Orthodox Youth Movement of Kallooppara St. Mary’s Prilgrim Centre visited Attappadi village on June 15th. Nellipathy, Boodaloor and three more tribal settlements are visited and distributed milk, eggs and other nutritive foods.  Photo Gallery
Very.Rev.M.D.YuhanonRamban, manager St.Thomas Ashram, Attappadi appreciated the youngsters as it is the first initiative from the part of members of the Malankara Church.  Ashram is adequately needed young dedicated minds to work in Attappadi and nearby tribal areas. They are serving nutritive foods to three tribal settlements now and intending to increase it upto ten settlements very soon. Kind hearts can donate the SBT Kuzhithura



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