Dr Mar Yulios: Observe Apostles’ Lent and be inspired by them

Texas: HG Pullikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios, Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan, has called upon the faithful to diligently observe the Apostles’ Lent for 13 days (June 16-28), celebration of the Feast of St Peter and Paul on June 29, the Feast of all the 12 Apostles on June 30 and ultimately the Memorial Feast of St Thomas, our Apostle, on July 3.
Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios has urged all to observe the Fast to remember the great witness experienced by the Apostles and how they were used by the Lord for the growth of the holy Church. His Grace has also urged the faithful to meditate fervently upon their lives, being inspired by them and to take their unceasing intercession. The Kalpana dated June 24, 2013 was issued from St Stephen’s Orthodox Church, Texas, where the Metropolitan is presently on visit.
These thoughts come as part of the Metropolitan’s message for the forthcoming issue ofVineyard, the parish bulletin of Muscat Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka (MGOME).
Touching upon summer vacations, Dr Mar Yulios mentions about the many programmes and projects envisaged by the Church for the beneficial of children. Of particular mention is the Orthodox Vacation Bible Study, COLT Camp, MGOCSM camps and others. From Muscat Maha-Edavaka, a lady MGOCSM youngster has undertaken missionary work along with personal meditation at the Bethany Ashram for a month, which indeed is laudable.
Dr Mar Yulios mentions that both in the United States and Europe, summer vacations, semester breaks and course breaks are increasingly being utilised by the students for undertaking international studies and voluntary service trips. “We should encourage our children in this manner in order to help them mould their character,” the Kalpana states.



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