The Kerala Government appreciate Aarogya Poshanam Project

Attappady: The Government of Kerala appreciated the Aarogya Poshanam Project (Health Enhancement Life Project-HELP) initiated by Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church to tackle the malnutrition problems faced by Adivasi children of Attappady. The project started on 2 June, 2013 by Attappady St.Thomas Ashram, Nellippathy is a windfall to children, lactating mothers and pregnant women of eight adivasi hamlets in Agali and Sholayoor Grama Panchayaths. Within two months of initiation the number of benefactors has risen from 65 to 500 comprising Nellippathy, Boothuvazhy, Karara, Kathirampathy, Guddayoor (Agali Grama Panchayath), Kottamala, Chundukulam and Venkakadavu (Sholayoor Grama Panchayath) adivasi hamlets. Every day volunteers from the Ashram visit adivasi settlements and supply boiled egg, milk and bread to children below 15 years old, lactating mothers and pregnant women as part of their mission. Minister Letter
The Honorable Minister for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes Kumari P.K.Jayalekshmi appreciated the efforts of the Ashram and the Orthodox Church to provide nutritious food to adivasis. In her letter to Ashram Superior F.R.M.D.Yuhanon Ramban, she said that “the Government considers your mission as great as the children of adivasi hamlets who are backward in the social stratum are provided with nutritious food through your efforts. Moreover this service is a role model for others”.
The Aarogya Poshanam Project started as a constructive response to deal with the recent malnutrition hazards faced by adivasi community in Attappady. The project received considerable support from the general public and church members. F.R.M.D.Yuhanon Ramban is the Director of the Project. Fr.S.Paul is the Treasurer and Dr.Siby Tharakan, Mission Project Director serves as the Coordinator.
The project initially formulated for one year will be reviewed stage by stage and if necessary will be extended to other villages in due course.



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