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Greetings from St.Thomas Ashram & St.Gregorios English Medium School, Attappady in the name of our Lord Jess Christ! Sponsorship Form
We are happy to inform you that the Attappady Ashram and Mission started in the year 1994 have been flourishing with new mission endeavors by the Glory of God and the power of Holy Spirit. The St.Thomas Ashram and Attappady Mission (The Society of the Missionaries of St.Thomas) is the outcome of the missionary zeal of His Holiness Beselius Mar Thoma Didymus I (Valiya Bava) while he was the Metropolitan of Malabar Diocese. The blessings of the Catholicose His Holiness Mar Beselius Marthoma Paulose II have been a constant power in our accomplishments. When we look into the past, we are happy to say that God used us as His tools for spreading the Love of Jesus Christ among people of Attappady region.
Our Church has a prominent role in upbringing tribal and economically backward people in Attappady region. St.Thomas Ashram is the only institution in this region catering to the educational, health care, skill development, child care and nutritional requirements of the ordinary people in this remote area.
Attappady is a mountainous tribal area in Palakkad District in Kerala which includes Agali, Sholayoor and Pudur Grama Panchayaths. There are about 187 Adivasi villages in Attappady and they are away from most of the developmental activities taking place in the main land. They don’t have the privileges like basic education, health care facilities, nutritious food, good housing, safe water, transport facilities and other basic amenities.
In the interior forest areas they live in huts made out of mud and grass. But those hamlets which are near main land areas have new single bedded houses donated by government agencies. Their traditional agricultural life style had been disrupted by land grabbers and agricultural migrants from the main land area.
Recently more than 55 infants died due to malnutrition in various tribal hamlets in Attappady and this tragic incident prompted our Ashram to initiate a project named Aarogya Poshanam Project (Health Enhancement Life Project-HELP) with the approval of the Synod of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. Every day nutritious food is being provided to children below the age of 15 years, pregnant and feeding mothers and old people in nine (9) adivasi hamlets in Attappady. Boiled milk, egg and bread are prepared from the Ashram and are brought to the villages and distributed by the volunteers.
An amount of Rs.10,000 per day is being spent for this project with the support of our churches and well wishers.
The tribals, who live in small hamlets, are in acute poverty and they are prone to diseases caused by malnutrition and ill-health. Illiteracy is at its peak and hygienic awareness is at the bottom. The great teachings of St.Gregorios of Parumala (Parumala Thirumeni) inspired us and we realized that enhancing literacy is a major way to social development. Following the footprints of Parumala Thirumeni who was striving to impart education, especially English education, to the people of the lower strata of society during his time, we decided to start an English Medium School in his name, the first of its kind in Attappady.
In 1998 the School was established in the name of Parumala Thirumeni (St.Gregorios English Medium School-SGEMS)). We went into interior parts of tribal hamlets and brought their children, got them enrolled in the School and started providing free education, boarding and medical services. For this purpose we started three orphanages in the Ashram campus in Nellippathy.
Boys are being boarded in St.Gregorios Balabhavan and girls in St.Mary’s Balikabhavan. For Sneha and Sachin, who were orphaned by the death of their parents in 2003, we built Sneha Bhavan with the support of Ahemedi Church in Kuwait. The children were deaf and dumb on birth and a cochlear implantation surgery was performed on them for a cost of Rs. 12 lakhs with the support of well wishers and they are now normal children, hearing and speaking like anybody else.
At present we have 34 boys in Balabhavan and 18 girls in Balikabhavan. Most of them are from remote adivasi villages in Attappady. More children are knocking at our doors for entry into our orphanages, but financial constraints are a hindrance for us to welcome them. An amount of Rs.25,000/- has to be raised per year for meeting the expenses of each child, which includes CBSE level education, boarding, clothing and medical support.
School is the cradle where responsible citizens grow and develop. Through proper education children develop their innate potentials and skills and learn how to live in the society as law abiding citizens. At St.Gregorios English Medium School, Attappady we strive to provide quality education to children, through which they can compete with themselves to achieve great goals in life.
This year we have received the CBSE Affiliation to our school. We had to struggle a lot to get the No Objection Certificate (NOC) which was pending before the Government of Kerala for a long time. The present government approved our request for NOC and helped to secure recognition from the CBSE, New Delhi. Now the school is capable enough to impart education to children in the secondary level. At present we are educating 375 students from LKG to X STD and out of them 75 students are from various Adivasi villages in Attappady. We would like to increase this number to 150 next year.
Now, the new building (first floor with a floor area of around 8000 sq.ft) for the school is under construction with an estimated cost of Rs.10,000,000 (One Crore) and we hope that it would be ready to be used by the end of September, 2013. The construction of the new building is obligatory to satisfy the conditions of CBSE by providing class rooms, library and laboratories (separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Mathematics) for students in IX and X classes during the academic year 2013-2015 and for students in XI and XII classes during the academic year 2015-16.
We embarked on the construction of the new building without any savings in our account but with a firm belief that the Father in Haven would provide for his children and until today we are being carried on by His divine support. The new building is expected be solemnized and opened by Catholicose H. H.Beselios Paulose II on October5, 2013.
As we have secured the CBSE affiliation, the school is of great demand not only from the local community but from other parts of the District. We would like to enhance our facilities for catering the needs of students from other parts of the country as well. But as we are located in an underdeveloped area in the state it is very difficult for us to raise funds to develop the infrastructure facilities as other CBSE schools situated in major cities do. In this situation we solicit the support of our friends and well wishers to raise funds for the development of the school.
We are running the School with absolute transparency and utmost dedication and sincerity. Our students experience a serene atmosphere and enjoy loving care from their caretakers. The School is running without any profit motive. We admit students and appoint teachers without accepting any donations and our pledge is to continue the same path in future as well.
In this situation we would like to submit the following proposal before you to raise funds for the smooth running and development of the school. Your contribution could be in the following pattern.
A regular contribution for school development

  • Academic Partner
  • A regular monthly contribution of Rs.1000 for one year. Your support will be acknowledged by the admission of a tribal child to SGEM- CBSE school under your sponsorship.
  • Academic Partner (Silver category)
  • A regular monthly contribution of Rs.2000 for two years. Your support will be acknowledged by the admission of a tribal child to SGEM- CBSE school and orphanage under your sponsorship.
  • Academic Partner (Golden category)
  • A regular monthly contribution of Rs.3000 for five years. Your support will be acknowledged by the admission of two tribal children to SGEM- CBSE school and orphanage under your sponsorship.
  • Academic Partner (Platinum category)
  • A regular monthly contribution of Rs.5000 for ten years . Your support will be acknowledged by the admission of three tribal children to SGEM- CBSE school and orphanage under your sponsorship.

The payment may be made either as monthly/yearly/ or as onetime payment according to your convenience. We request you to help us by your prayer and contribution considering the future of the mission of St.Thomas Ashram, Attappady. The attached sponsorship form may be filled in and send along with your contributions. Cheque/DD drawn in favor of “St.Gregorios English Medium School”/ “St.Thomas Ashram” / or “Fr.S.Paul” may be forwarded to the undersigned.
Yours in Christ
Fr.M.D.Yuhanon Ramban
Superior, St.Thomas Ashram &
Manager, St.Gregorios English Medium School
Mob: 00 91 9447277690

Bank Account Details
State Bank of India, Agali(IFSC – SBIN0004614)
“St.Gregorios English Medium School”
SB A/c No – 10644384070

South Indian Bank, Goolikkadavu (IFSC –SIBL0000287)
“St.Thomas Ashram”
SB A/c No – 0287053000000283

Federal Bank, Mannarkkad (IFSC – FDRL0001409)
“Fr.S.Paul”, Manager, St.Thomas Ashram
SB A/c No – 14090100037824

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