Teacher- An Emancipator of Darkness

October- 5th is celebrated as World Teachers Day from 1994. More than 100 countries are celebrating Teachers Day on October 5thto convey an appreciation of their contribution, dedication and devotion. It shows the importance of teachers who are playing a significant role in shaping the future generation.
In India, September 5th is calibrated as Teachers Day to make Dr. S. Radhakrishnan’s Birthday immortal since 1964. I pay my humble respect and prayer to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan who himself was a great teacher, and made teaching a great and noble profession.
Since times immemorial, Indian, have respects and idolized their teacher. Earlier we used to address our teachers as ‘GURU’ which has a greater meaning than any other title. It is derived from the Sanskrit word GU & RU. Here ‘GU’ indicates darkness and ‘RU’ indicates that which removes darkness. There are more than 5 million teachers, teaching in primary and secondary to make our nation great and powerful.
Teachers act as the role model for their students and inspire millions in the classrooms to lead a peaceful and civilized life.
Teachers put fire in young minds and they are like ladders. In the ladder and snake game, ladders leads the climber to treasure. Ladder can lead the person to the world of snake also. A good teacher always leads the child to the world of treasure. The fun in that they use the ladder to climb to heights of success and leave. But the ladder remains there to help the next to climb up.
They build up character in young minds. They bring young children to a value oriented world.
They also lead the children to creativity and build positive confidence and determination in them.
What inspired me to respect the teacher is that, they are transforming human life for the better through the medium of education and they play a significant role in moulding human life. If the foundation is strong and systematic the person can grow and survive the turbulence of life. So selection of a good school and good teachers are very important for a person. If we sow grain in good and fertile land, the harvest season will be very good and joyous.
There is a famous proverb, it can explain the role of teacher in better way “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day and teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a life time” This is what exactly a good teacher is doing.
Children consider teacher as role model, they imitate and follow them. Today, the education sector is lacking running short of good and committed teachers and very few are attracted to teaching profession. Society should take care of them as ‘GURUS’ not as mere trainers. I wish all the teachers teaching all over the world ‘A very Happy Teachers Day’
Rev. Fr. Biju. P. Thomas
St. Mary’s School Sec 46- B Chd.



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