Flood Relief Drive By Makkodiya Mission in Hoshangabad

Makkodia: On 23rd August, at around 12:30 am, the water in the Narmada river rose above the danger level. The water started flowing to the Hoshangabad city and to the villages situated near to the river. Within half an hour the water rose to more than 15 ft. in many areas. The level of the river was 22 ft. above danger level. This made the entire District of Hoshangabad under water. The flood took 17 lives and affected 12 villages under Hoshangabad Dist.
Abhaya Niketan (Makkodiya Mission) took initiative in the relief program with the help of the villagers of Makkodia (including Hindu, Muslims and Christians). The relief drive was organized for five days.
First day, the food was prepared for the victims at Abhaya Niketan Bungalow. Five hundred packets of puri and achaar were packed for the victims. These were distributed in the Hoshangabad – Bhopal road, near railway station and in the army camp.
On the second day, puri and aaloo sabji were packed for 650 victims, with the help of the women of Friends Church. The food was distributed in the Mallegaon, Raipur, Bandrabhan and Janwansa. 17 volunteers from Abhaya Niketan assisted to organize five medical camp in different parts of the District in association with the Hoshangabad District Hospital and Red cross on the Third Day.
Khichidi was distributed for around 700 victims and biscuits for children on the Fourth Day. This was done in the Ghanabad, Mallakhedi and Banrabhan.
As the flood waters receded by the Fifth Day. Khichidi was prepared and given to 700 affected people. Bathing soap, washing powder and hair oil were also distributed to 350 families and kurtha paijama were distributed to the elderly. This drive took place in Dongargao, Mallakhedi and Banrabhan. 50 volunteers helped us to prepare the food and another 30 helped us to distribute the food. About 3000 people benefitted from the Relief drive conducted by Abhaya Niketan.
We are thankful to the Makkodia villagers, volunteers and Mrs. Lata Masih, staff in-charge Dist. Hospital Hoshangabad who have helped us to carry out this work.



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