Why ”religious sects” fight and destroy other sects?

Religious man is a mini god. A god he created in his own image -stubborn,self- contradictory and unwilling to compromise. If your opinion or answer is yes or know, someone else may understand you. But your answer to a question is yes and no and may be, it is very confusing. That is what priests and politicians do religiously. They make the humans confused. Confused mind is chaos so is useless and so is trash. That is why their followers turn out to be like garbage. Yes ! Their own leaders treat them like trash. But they have no escape. They are trapped in a deep pit. The innocent believer is lured to the slippery slops with promises of better life. The believers are not self educated. So they are easily fooled. It is a trick. Once the believer become a victim, fear over power him. Christianity might have been he first group to use this fear factor tactics. They wrote; even “Jesus” used fear factor to make people follow him. But they also wrote Jesus was compassionate. How can a compassionate leader use fear to make people follow him. Mafias use the same trick. Jesus was the first Mafia?. Behavior exhibited by the leaders of politics and in a worse form by religious heads; leads to the conclusion that it is not Holy spirit that is leading the Christians. Religion and politics is spreading and practicing fear. Remove fear- religion will wither away. One day the whole world will be inter connected by electronic web. Then sectional politics will transform to world government.
Devotees are lost in a vast sea of confusion. Some know they are lost. But they don’t know where they are. They are desperate and dead, fear is dominating them. It is said, Jesus said; throw away all you have, all your possessions. You cannot swim to land with all your attachments. You have to resurrect to be a new being- a fearless one. Your ego has to die, then only you can resurrect. Christians did not understand this. They perverted a glorious way of life, a path to physical death and resurrection of Jesus and hung him on a cross. Christianity was blind from the very beginning. Like the blind, they cannot understand what sun is. Christianity is still crawling in the dark and falling in to deep Pitts of ignorance & stubbornness. They preach that god alone has the power to judge. But they do judge and condemn women; treat them like slaves, gays, lesbians all are in the list. Meanwhile the preacher himself is engaged in same sex acts. The offerings of the devotees are in turn offered to lawyer gods to save the church sinners & saints.
True religion is an inner revolution a transformation. You have to change or reborn as a new being- that is what Jesus said. Christians are in dark and they are lead by blind & money hungry leaders. They misunderstood Jesus for their own advantage. They preach the biggest foolery and mistake; in fact all religions are in the wrong path. They seek god or true religion in ”House of worship. But god is not there. So you will never find it. You are kept busy/ fully engaged there with rituals, prayers and offerings. They wont give you time to look with in you. But true religion & god is an internal change. So every time you take refuge in house of worship;you loose opportunity to seek true religion &god. What is preventing you from searching for god is your own EGO. If there is anything bigger than god;it is ego. One thing you will never give away is your ego. Jesus said you have to give away “all” to seek kingdom of god. Modern preachers preach that but keep all they get from the devotees and become quick billionaires. But they wont give away anything other than empty words. They proclaim to have big names, tittles and even thrones &sculpture. They add layers of different colors of clothing to radiate their ego. They can never lead you to kingdom of god- the abundant still waters of inner solitude. They don’t know what it is, where it is, they were never there and don’t know the path. How can they lead you. They can only take you to destruction, not only of you but of others too and their houses of worship. They are blind- they cannot see. They will even tell you to destroy ”Jesus cross” owned by another group. They are taking you to graveyard. The are tomb stones; embodiment of their ego. There is no life in the graveyard.
They break into locked house of worship of another group. Repeats the meaningless prayer, rituals and sacrifices. Why ? -they give you a false notion and your ego get recharged. You feel you did a heroic act. You saved your god, you have a place in heaven reserved. You believe you were able to influence god. But you and your leader has no clue what god is. That is why you go to house of worship looking for god. To worship something is a human craving. Human is dominated by fear. He needs a super power beside him and false religions promise him god. House of worship is the bread basket and battlefield of these false leaders. They have to preach the glory of it and make you believe it is the ‘house of god’. If you believe that you are ridiculing god. If you think god is the creator of the universe; how can you confine god within the walls you made.
God is not some thing that can be influenced by worship. You cannot buy god by the money you poured in the house of worship. Your prayers, rituals and offerings reveal your ignorance and make your ego super ego. Ego and ignorance are twins. You did not seek god and true religion. You only recharged your ego with a false feeling. It is a dangerous temporary fix. You repeated empty deeds and listened to empty words. It did not make any positive change in you. Only gainer was your ego. You wasted your time, energy & money for nothing other than empowering you with a dangerous weapon- your ego. Give the money you wasted to the poor. When you see the smile and happiness of the poor, a gentle breeze {mustard seed} of inner happiness will germinate in you. You will feel a blissful transformation filling you. Slowly you become a new born- that is true religion.
If you believe, ‘god knows your inner thoughts’, you know god knows your inner plan when you went to break in and destroy others house of worship. You know when you were in the house of worship you were not seeking god. But you were thinking about money in the stock market, luxury car in the parking lot or ‘good looking woman’.  Only fools will think he can fool or deceive god by rituals and prayers and offerings.
Andrews C.



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