Devotional Thoughts for the Sunday of Koodos Etho – 2nd Nov 2014

By the Grace of God we are entering the first Sunday of the worship year, in accordance of the Church calendar, on 2rd Nov 2014. The first Sunday of the worship year is known as Kudos Etho (Sanctification) Sunday. Our Church Fathers how wisely and nicely have decided that we must start the worship year with meaningful and sincere sanctification. Here sanctification of the entire Church and her entire members are meant. As God is holy, His body also must be holy.
As we are part and parcel of the body of Christ, our Lord, it is to be sanctified every now and often, We should not forget our Lord God’s expectation about each and every one of us to be sanctified always.
In today’s reading we find four things:
1) Our Lord asks the Apostles what others tells about Him
2) Our Lord asks who He was in their opinion and understanding
3) St. Peter answers: Lord, you are the Son of God
4) Our Lord reveals about His sufferings, death on the Cross and the Resurrection on the 3rd day.
Our Lord silently and patiently asks each and every one of us who He is in our opinion and understanding. How many of us do hear His question? How many of us could answer Him: Oh Lord, You are my Lord, God and Savior. Our Lord expects to hear this answer from each and every one of us. Let us take a decision to be more attentive to His discussions and talks. And let us be able to answer Him then and there. Every year there is Sunday of Sanctification and we must have attended the worship on all those days. Still, is there any change in our lives? We must be growing, earning and living in our styles and manners. Were we able to give priority to the will of God and His concern about us? Have we ever thought of a meaningful sanctification and its use in our ordinary lives? Let us think how we could have a meaningful sanctification. First of all, we must have repentance. This is what our Lord reminded His listeners every now and then. He reminded and requested all to repent and believe the Gospel. If we would participate the worship on a Kudos Etho Sunday without repentance, there won’t be many effects on our spiritual growth and existence. The Holy Church has not made it compulsory to have Holy Confession before Kudos Etho, but it doesn’t mean that we have the right and freedom to avoid a meaningful confession. Repentance is needed by a person when he or she realizes that he or she is far away from God and His co-existence. The second need is the strong faith, which is to be possessed by one and all.
Our Holy Church is blessed to observe the Kudos Etho every year on a Sunday close to the feast of St. Gregarious of Parumala. Parumala Thirumeni is a God given and unique gift of God to the Indian Orthodox Church as well as to oue homw xounrey, India. Parumala Thirumeni lived as a Holy man and after Thirumeni’s entry to the eternal rest; still tens of thousands of faithful believe and proclaim so. Parumala Thirumeni lived in God and lived with God. Parumala Thirumeni is an ideal role model for all of us. In fact many of us approach Parumala Thirumeni for our personal needs and often we are not interested in following his footsteps of spirituality. We must try to realize the uniqueness of the life of the saint and we must long to follow them.
We must follow the prayer life, faith, compassion to the poor and needy, love and obedience to God Almighty and humble life of the Saint. We should not ignore the fact that it is a God given opportunity and blessing to observe the Kudos Etho Sunday along with the feast of our Patron Saint.
May the prayers and intercessions of St. Gregarious be a fort of protection for all of us.
May God bless us all.
Jose Kurian Puliyeril, Kottayam



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