MGOCSM-109th Annual Conference

MGOCSM-109th Annual Conference at MBC College of Engineering and Technology Kuttikanam,Peermade
Theme:”Set your mind and heart to see the face of our Lord”* 1 Chronicles 22:19
This December 27th to 30th
Feel the winter vibes here in Peermade at 3000ft above the sea.

MGOCSM-109th Global Conference

Mar Baselios Christian College of Engineering and Technology, Peermade
27th to 30th December, 2017
THEME: “Set your mind and heart to see the face of your Lord”- 1 Chronicle 22:19

We wish to emphasize the fact that the Annual Conference 2017 is primarily a spiritual exercise
aimed at rejuvenating the inner lives and enabling the participants to ‘see the face of the Lord’ and
do His will in their lives. Please make sure that you conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of our
calling, and that you go back from the Conference with renewed vigour and vitality.

Guidelines to make the Conference a Memorable Experience

1. The Conference is meant for full time participation only.

2. Registration fee is Rs.100/- Fee is payable by cheque/demand draft/cash at MGOCSM Student Centre, Kottayam.

3. Kindly note that there is NO SPOT REGISTRATION.

4. In case of cancellation, please inform the MGOCSM office on or before 22nd December,2017.

5. The Delegates are requested to wear the Conference badge during the entire Conference.

6. Please keep your Mobile phones in switched off or silent mode throughout the Conference.

7. Please listen to others’ views and participate actively in the sessions.

8. Be friendly and courteous to everyone.

9. Delegates should bring their own accessories such as blanket, sweater, bed sheets and
pillow covers.

10. Please help us to preserve the natural environment
• Do not pluck flowers or damage plants and trees.
• Please do not litter, use dustbins.
• Conserve water by ensuring optimum use.
• Conserve electricity: switch off lights when not required.

11. Please do not leave any cash or valuables in the rooms. Keep them with you.

12. Please do not visit an unauthorised area in the Campus alone or in groups. Do not hang out anywhere on the campus during the sessions.

13. Delegates are not supposed to leave the campus without taking a gate pass.

14. Please do not disturb others by indulging in cross talking during the sessions, staying awake and making noise during the night.

15. Delegates who are interested in showcasing their talents should inform the MGOCSM office on or before 09.30 PM 27th December 2017.

16. The delegates are advised to bring their medicines. The climate in Peermade is quite cold in December.

17. The MGOCSM President reserve the right to evict any delegate(s) who do not adhere to discipline.

How to reach Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology, Peermade

Both Private & KSRTC Buses are available from Kottayam. Alight at KUTTIKKANAM
Junction on NH 183 (old Kottayam – Kumily Road). Conveyance is arranged from
KUTTIKKANAM Junction to Annual Conference Site by the organizing Committee from
01.00 pm.
For any assistance, Contact: +91 9446328086 , +91 954427889



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